Product Liability

The law firm of Lane & Ducheine, PL, maintains a vigorous product liability practice dedicated to aggressively defending the rights of those people injured by the negligent manufactured products of others. Our clients come to us needing legal guidance from a skilled and compassionate professional who understands their circumstances and who knows how to shape their situation into a legally compelling case. Clients injured by defective products face burdensome financial obligations related to medical bills and to lost time at work, for instance. We make it our job to let our clients know that we will protect them and their rights while diligently holding accountable those parties responsible for hurting them.

Our firm offers legal guidance with respect to a wide variety of product liability cases. We accept a number of cases concerning defectively manufactured products, including:

  • Private airplanes and their manufacturers
  • Drugs
  • Health food supplements
  • Prescription medications
  • Medical devices
  • Implants
  • And More…


We have successfully represented clients who have been victimized by wrongly prescribed drugs. In these situations, we pursue parties responsible for having wrongfully prescribed the drugs.


Our attorneys understand how to successfully pursue these responsible parties both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. We aggressively safeguard our clients’ rights during the legal process while also providing our clients with the compassionate guidance they often need.

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